Are you being audited or investigated by one of these firms?

Medicare Region A – Diversified Collection Services
Medicare Region B – CGI Technologies and Solutions
Medicare Region C – Connolly Consulting
Medicare Region D – Health Data Insights

You are being audited or investigated by a Recovery Audit Contractor or RAC for short. Recovery Audit Contractors are private firms hired by Medicare (and other insurance companies) to investigate health care providers’ billings for inaccuracies, over billings, and fraud. Medicare gives these private firms full reign to investigate, harass, and intimidate providers. These RACs are paid on a percentage basis for any money they recover for Medicare hence, as you may have already experienced, they are very aggressive.

RAC contractors purport themselves as policemen, judge, and jury. However, nothing could be further from the truth. They can “request” your cooperation with supplying information but they cannot require it. A recovery audit contractor can review your billings, find you “guilty” and demand money. RACs have no official legal standing but they can cause you a lot of trouble. Do not take these firms lightly. As you know, Medicare has conflicting and ambiguous rules and regulations that can put you in a “no win” situation. Recovery audit contractors know this as well and they use this knowledge to collect commissions.

You have rights and Khouri Law Firm will help you assert those rights. Khouri Law Firm has been representing health care providers for 30 years. Our firm understands Medicare audits and Recover Audit Contractors. If you have been contacted by a RAC and are concerned about your rights or a possible fraud investigation, call us BEFORE you supply ANY billing information to anyone. During a free initial phone consultation, Khouri Law will let you know options that are available to you.

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