Professional Licensed Defense Lawyer

As healthcare costs continue to rise, physicians, DME’s and all other health care providers are facing a dramatic increase in scrutiny, including investigations and audits for improper billing practices. Make no mistake about it. Government regulators are bent on turning every innocent billing error into allegations of fraud. And the unstated goal is to retrieve hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars from you and your practice.

Khouri Law Firm has been serving health care professionals all over the United States for the past three decades. We are devoted to protecting your livelihood, your professional license, and your reputation. If you are a healthcare provider under investigation by a governmental agency or insurance carrier for billing improprieties, Khouri Law can help you defend yourself against these charges:

  • Medicare Audits
  • Criminal Defense of Healthcare Providers
  • Medicare Fraud
  • License Defense
  • Improper Coding or Billing
  • Stark Law Violations
  • Unnecessary medical treatment
  • Sexual Assault/Harassment Charges Against Healthcare Providers

Know your rights and be ready to assert those rights when the auditors come calling.