License Defense

The Khouri Law Firm offers comprehensive legal services in professional licensing and criminal defense. If you have been accused of professional misconduct or are being investigated for an action that may cause your professional license to be suspended or revoked, Mike Khouri can help protect your career and your freedom.

If you are being accused of professional misconduct, your license may not be the only thing affected. You may have employment issues with your job, as well as criminal charges pending. You don’t need multiple lawyers for all these multiple issues. Mike Khouri has extensive experience in all these areas of law and is able to anticipate challenges in other areas. He can help you make educated decisions.

  • Healthcare License Defense. Whether you are a doctor, nurse, pharmacist, DME, or other healthcare provide, Mike Khouri can guide you through the administrative discipline process. Mike has a long history of successfully defending healthcare licenses.
  • Criminal Defense. In some instances, licensing issues also invoke criminal charges. Mike has extensive experience in the combination of criminal/license defense for over thirty years.