Criminal Defense

Health Care Fraud covers a variety of areas. The indictment can apply to doctors, pharmacists, chiropractors, laboratories, hospital employees, dentists, or anyone providing services or products to individuals for health care. The fraud is usually associated with Medicare or Medicaid. There are always substantial penalties associated with the fraud charges.

The Federal government takes Medicare fraud very seriously and may seek prison time for any violation. Doctors and clinics are some of the most common defendants in a Medicare fraud indictment. There are many ways to be charged with Medicare fraud, but in general it is the billing under the Medicare assigned number that opens up the indictment.

    Examples of Medicare Fraud Cases

  • Billing for services not performed
  • Billing without medical necessity
  • Billing for medical devices that are not provided
  • False billing for prescriptions
  • Stark Law Violations for self referral

Anytime a bill is submitted to Medicare with a Medicare number it is automatically under Federal Jurisdiction. Be advised that Recovery Audit Contractors are given free reign to go through your records and find issues. Khouri Law Firm has 30 years of experience in dealing with providers who have been targeted by the Federal Government.

If you even think you are being investigated, it is important that you get experienced representation immediately. Khouri Law Firm has shown many of these issues to be simply clerical errors, lack of supervision of billing, lack of supervision of treatment, or even government error.

Mike Khouri understands how to correctly respond to audit questionnaires, how to represent a provider during an audit and how to challenge the auditors conclusions in court if necessary. Mr. Khouri also understands how to conduct a self audit through a team of highly qualified defense investigators and auditors.

Khouri Law Firm has also been representing doctors and other healthcare providers with all types of criminal charges like sex crimes or prescription drug abuse for almost 30 years.